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-terrorism laws. the feeling is that al qaeda is behind a lot of the attacks still going on, and al qaeda is sunni. a lot of the arrests are made in sunni communities. these were sparked in december with the arrest of bodyguards of a senior sunni politician. they have not let up since then. every friday, there are mass prayers and protest in sunni towns and provinces. those provinces have essentially been cut off on fridays from baghdad. , it was the same grievances. these are coordinated protest, and they have taken an increased hard-line turn with clerics and other leaders who have not been known before, taking a different direction. >> all right, jane, thank you once again. jane arraf on the line from iraq. has exploded outside the french of the sea and the libyan capital tripoli. two security guards were injured in the blast. still not clear who is behind the attack. jacky rowland has the story and reaction from paris. >> the force of the explosion brought down the walls of nearby buildings and started a fire that engulfed some offices inside the embassy. one french security officer was seriou
expense- because of that, we have laws. you know, another pattern in societies that guides right action- in other words, if the obligation isn't enough, then we'll provide methods and punishments and rules and regulations for it. now, you know, when the speed limit was 55 miles an hour on the interstate, i never went above 55 because i instinctively have this ethical sense- but i saw a lot of people doing it. and so that's why we have the good old state police out there to reel them in, so you've got a lot of that. and you believe that- i don't lie either. anyway, a more troublesome one- obligation comes from religious community, comes from family- we're having a lot of trouble with that in our society. laws come from the power of the state usually, but also, for instance, in islam, the sharia, the islamic law that governs things. in israel, in a funny kind of twist, although it's a secular state, jewish- a religious law governs many of the aspects there. so laws are out there. the one that's more difficult is values- another kind of pattern. we hear a lot about values lately. these set
republican law markes said tsarnaev should be declared an enemy combatant and the case ve to a military tribal in guantanamo bay. >> he is an american citizen. he is responsible for a crime here in america. but i trust the attorney general to make that call and make it wisely. and that decision cannot be made until a team of special investigators speaks with tsarnaev. it's an interrogation which seems may still be delayed for some time. >> thousands of runners in the british capital in london have paid tribute to the victims of the bomb explosions. the london marathon began with a moment of silence to commen rate the attack in boston. and they expressed their support of families of the killed and injured as security was increased for the race. >> there's a case due to be eard for an person who insulted the king. >> and we'll have the late frest india where there were more vigils and protests of the alleged rape and torture of a 5-year-old girl. and it's for footballer for an appetite of destruction, biting off more than he could choose perhaps. ore details on that coming up. >> rescue t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3